Botox® injectors can differ from each other in terms of experience. You need to consider their years of service, license, proper training, and education. Remembering these factors can help if you want to identify an experienced from an inexperienced one.

This article will list the many factors that a potential patient should consider as we walk you through the difference between an experienced from an inexperienced medical professional so you don’t end up with “GONE WRONG” Botox® injections.


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Characteristics Of An Experienced Injector

Choosing an experienced Botox® injector can help you achieve the optimal results you desire for your health and to achieve natural looking skin. Whatever purpose you have in mind for getting injections — may it be for your facial wrinkles or a treatment plan, the right provider has:

Appropriate training in facial anatomy

All BOTOX® Cosmetic providers should be Botox® Certified and have comprehensive facial anatomy training. They should know how to properly freeze muscles responsible for skin wrinkling and crow’s feet. A board-certified plastic surgeon and a trained professional know the anatomy behind these muscles, primarily how they work.

Long years of administering Botox® injections

The years a healthcare professional has spent in the injection process has a lot to do with the physical outcome of your BOTOX® Cosmetic procedures. They have this instinct on how to properly place cosmetic injections based on real-world cases and not only from books and online sources.

Knowledge of utilizing up-to-date tools and technology

A good injector never gets tired of learning and acquiring new knowledge in the field, especially on the latest and best injectable treatments and products. They know that educating and informing themselves now and then could help them avoid committing errors.

Knows when to say “NO”

It is a given that medical professionals are responsible for making their patients feel completely comfortable, pre and post-procedure. However, a skillful and sophisticated injector talks about realistic scenarios and helps their clients understand. They never hesitate to say no and reject clients when Botox® can give them adverse effects or put their health in danger.


Botox injections are safe when performed by an experienced doctor


Characteristics Of An Inexperienced Injector

BOTOX® healthcare providers need to practice with great care to perform a non-damaging procedure. Most of the time, experience precedes performance. Here are the possible side effects and scenarios that may occur when an inexperienced injector injects you:

Permanent damage

Botulinum toxin (BOTOX®) is a safe drug administered by knowledgeable facial plastic surgeons and healthcare professionals. However, when in the wrong hands, it can cause serious adverse events, including muscle paralysis. Thus, physicians or injectors with questionable expertise and knowledge in the field should not administer injections.

Might give you a frozen mask look after facial plastic surgery

Some past patients who have undergone a cosmetic injection can sometimes experience frozen-like faces over time. Usually, a frozen look happens when they inject too much Botox® around your eyes and forehead. This is another effect of risking your facial plastic surgery to inexperienced and poorly trained injectors.

Misplace the cosmetic injections

Another danger of having aesthetic procedures with a low skill set injector is the failure to interpret the patient’s goals and needs. Aside from injecting with the wrong dosage, a patient might receive the injections in the incorrect facial muscle, resulting in a much worse outcome.

Can give patients adverse effects after Botox® treatments

In 2005, the FDA recorded a report from Allergan that 38 patients suffered seizures after having Botox® treatment and therapy due to some inexperienced physicians. According to European regulators, when administered wrongfully, the injected site can cause complications like dry mouth, blurred vision, muscle weakness, and difficulty swallowing.

Connect with An Experienced Botox® Injector Near You

Many service providers promise to give you a youthful appearance or a detailed list of treatment options. Remember that Botox® is one of the non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can be administered by:

  • a skillful facial plastic surgeon
  • an aesthetic/cosmetic registered nurse
  • well-trained doctors and medical professionals
  • experienced injector and medical aesthetician

Don’t forget to read reviews or even do a background check of the injector before your appointment. Luckily, you have come to the right place! Contact Lisa Rux, a medical aesthetician with over 21 years of experience in the field, and book a free consultation.