Broken capillaries or spider veins are characterized by redness on the skin’s surface. They are caused by many different factors and are commonly found on the cheeks, nose, and around the chin. If you experience the same problem, you can undergo non-invasive laser therapy to treat busted capillaries with a trusted medical professional.

Before you decide to get that initial treatment, make sure to read this article and understand how you can benefit from laser therapy and avoid potential health issues including acne scars after the procedure.


Rosacea or broken capillaries


Do Laser Treatments Work On Broken Capillaries?

While it’s not life-threatening to have broken capillaries on your face it can be severe and ongoing, such as having Rosacea.  Rosacea is normally a genetic skin disease that causes redness on the skin and in some cases can cause acne along with it. Laser treatment has been shown to work on broken capillaries by reducing those visible red veins on the skin. It can’t repair the damage, so the therapy is done to basically remove the broken veins to achieve a fair complexion and blemish-free face just like before.

Moreover, facial veins and broken capillaries are caused by busted blood flow, genetics, skin injuries, chemical or environmental irritants, weather changes, sun exposure, rosacea, and even pregnancy.

How Long Does Laser Treatment For Broken Capillaries Last?

Laser treatment for broken capillaries, wrinkles, and other vascular lesions effectively and safely release rapid waves of energy, causing the broken veins to fade away and gradually dissolve within four to six weeks. It works like magic and the results are long-lasting, giving back your confidence while you feel better about your facial appearance.

A protein called hemoglobin lives inside the capillary and absorbs the light beam while potent energy pops the broken veins. This is how the skin treatment works, however, the damaged tiny blood vessels on the skin or nose may not disappear right away depending on your skin’s reaction to the laser.


laser facial treatment


How Many Laser Treatments Do You Need For Broken Capillaries?

Every patient may have a different response to the treatment based on their unique conditions. Typically, broken capillaries and facial redness may require two to three sessions. There is ` no downtime so you can resume using makeup or doing your activities immediately after the aesthetic treatments.

However, icing the skin may be required right after the treatment and is ideal for 30 minutes. Again, how many treatments are needed will depend on most patients and their skin types, but you can expect to receive multiple treatments or up to three sessions with 30 days in between sessions.

What Type of Laser Is Best For Broken Capillaries?

One of the best types of skin lasers for broken capillaries and brown spots is the Intense Pulsed Light or IPL treatment. It works by flashing light directly onto your skin to blast and gradually dissolve the visible veins on the surface. On the other hand, you can also choose the KTP laser for facial redness, port wine stains, rosacea, angiomas or red dots, and spider veins on your cheeks.

All of these skin conditions can be treated by KTP lasers wherein the laser light is selectively absorbed by the surfacing broken blood vessels and is gently stimulated to begin the repair process. Make sure to avoid too much exposure to the sun after the skin treatment plan as another blood vessel in the body or surrounding skin can still break due to heat and sun damage.